3G All Weather Zone

Wendron Football Club received a £14,000 funding boost from SITA Cornwall Trust to enable the resurfacing of its floodlit Multi Use Games Area with a 3rd Generation all weather training carpet. The total cost of the project was £20,500.

SITA Cornwall Trust provides funding through the Landfill Communities Fund. Funding is available for community and environmental groups to carry out a range of improvement projects.

The funding allocated to Wendron Football Club has enabled the club to continue providing access to members and those community groups in an area of rural deprivation, recreation through participation in organized team sports. It has also created additional opportunities for club members to train in the evenings during the winter when there is a lack of affordable facilities to coach teams.  Being floodlit, throughout the winter it is in constant use from 4.30pm until 9.00pm

Wendron FC will now be able to facilitate the development of talented young people, help raise standards of performance, as well as strengthening links with the community and harnessing soccer and community events as a force for good in society. Additional funding for the project was provided by Wendron Parish Csouncil and the club itself.

The club would like to offer use of this facility to any disadvantaged groups who would like to become involved in team and social improvement activities, improving athletic skills, enhancing their health and fitness and hopefully increase self-confidence. Any organisations who are interested should contact the club on 01209 860901 .